Will a Plate of Mince Pies At WCM tomorrow Substitute for a Plate of Mince Pies Somewhere Else in the World??


Tomorrow the developers of the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades will hold a ‘drop in’  session “for locals”.  Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole have been told that they are not welcome and the developers have long since stopped answering any of my questions.

The day includes free mince pies and tea.  So here is a question for WCM.  If a plate of their mince pies are eaten – will that substitute for a plate of mince pies elsewhere in the world?  ie will a plate of mince pies elsewhere in the world not be eaten because a plate of mince pies has been eaten tomorrow at the developers ‘drop in’ session?  That is the laughable argument the developers made to Cumbria County Council – and the Council bought it!  They bought the line that 3 million tonnes a year of coal a year will not be produced elsewhere because  coal would be mined in Cumbria ( just five miles from Sellafield) .  “Substitution” – its magic!

Other questions of emissions, hydrology, water use, seismic damage, pollution, blight are brushed aside as casually as a crumb from a mince pie.

If you fancy a mince pie then West Cumbria Mining will be delighted to see you as long as you don’t ask any awkward questions…  Wednesday 11th December from 2pm till 6pm  at the Haig Museum offices, Whitehaven

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WCM (with Cumbria County Council’s help) Puffed Up At the Planning Meeting Their Plan for “Recycling Water.” Get Real!! How Much Fresh Water Will You Use? From What Fault?.

We have written asking under Freedom of Information about West Cumbria Mining’s fresh water use.  WCM have years ago (really!)  stopped answering any questions from us and Cumbria County Council told me over the telephone last week that they have no clue as to how much fresh water WCM plan to abstract from a fault near Whitehaven.
So we are forced to write and ask for this information under Freedom of Information This important information on fresh water should already be highlighted in the public domain and be easy for the public to access.   WCM have puffed themselves up mightily over “recycling surface water” and this was repeated at the planning meeting by Cumbria County Council officials as though WCM were some kind of super duper eco warriors.
The tiny percentage of ‘recycled standing water’ would be a drop in the vast ocean of fresh water necessary to wash the coal and other processes that WCM plan to do.
We have repeatedly asked the developers West Cumbria Mining and Cumbria County Council for detailed information on WCM’s projected water use .  WCM’s  PR makes much of the notion that WCM will “recycle” water, the public only heard briefly (and for myself for the first time)  about ‘abstraction from a fault’ at the planning meeting .
 We have recieved no reply to our questions either from WCM or from Cumbria County Council.
Under Freedom of Information, Radiation Free Lakeland ask the Environment Agency for sight of:
Fresh Water Abstraction From the Named Fault by West Cumbria Mining.
1. What is the name of the fault that WCM propose to use?
2. How much water per day do WCM propose to abstract from the fault?
3.  Has this proposed abstraction had an EIA from the EA?
4.  Does the fault proposed to be used by WCM have linkage with the Lake District Boundary Fault or is this unquantifiable?
Thank you
yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby
Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole (a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign)