Missing in Transit: Caesium-138 in Australia – compare and contrast with nonchalance over routine poisoning of Cumbria with cocktail of radioactive crapola.

New Director of West Cumbria Mining Owen Hegarty was Managing Director of Rio Tinto for 25 years. The same Rio Tinto who lost their nuclear waste in Australia. Nuclear and Mining go hand in hand.


Many thanks to Nuclear Free Local Authorities for this – the comparison with the media buzz around the Caesium-138 in Australia and the nonchalance over routine poisoning of Cumbria is startling ….

Press Release from Nuclear Free Local Authorities on the Caesium-138 incident in Australia……..

NFLAs want to discover lessons from Western Australia Caesium-138 incident

Following news that a radioactive Caesium-138 capsule was lost whilst in transit in the deserts of Western Australia, the UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities have written to mining conglomerate Rio Tinto, urging company officials to publish their findings on where fault for the loss lies and to fully recompense state authorities for the cost of the capsule’s recovery.

The Office of Nuclear Regulation is responsible for oversight of operators transporting nuclear materials in the UK; the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s report from October 2022 recorded 69 incidents related to nuclear transport in the reporting period, two…

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GDF Villains! Counter the Propaganda of “GDF’s Heroes” Make Your Own 8 Page Colouring Book from One Sheet of Paper.

GDF Villains including the Abominable Coalman – Counter the propaganda of the Partnership’s “GDF’s Heroes” – Make your own 8 page colouring book from one sheet of paper – print out and share!! #GDFOFF #LakesAgainstNuclearDump


Counter the Propaganda of “GDF’s Heroes” Make Your Own 8 Page Colouring Book from One Sheet of Paper. Download the A4 sheet below and follow the instructions to make your very own GDF Villains colouring book – make lots to hand out and spread the word.

Download this A4 page of “GDF Villains” to print in black and white and then follow the instructions …

How to Make an 8 page colouring book from one sheet of paper - GDF Villains!

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Australia Mining Hazmat General Warning – There is a radioactive substance risk in parts of the Pilbara, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and Perth Metropolitan regions.

Australia Mining Hazmat General Warning – There is a radioactive substance risk in parts of the Pilbara, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and Perth Metropolitan regions.

The following alert has been issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
Time of issue: 06:19 PM
Date of issue: 27 January 2023RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCE RISK in parts of the Pilbara, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and Perth Metropolitan regionsThere is a radioactive substance risk in parts of the Pilbara, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and Perth Metropolitan regions.A capsule containing a radioactive substance has been lost during transportation from north of Newman to the north-eastern suburbs of Perth. The substance is used within gauges in mining operations. Exposure to this substance could cause radiation burns or radiation sickness. The capsule is small (6mm diameter and 8mm tall), round and silver. Risk to the general community is relatively low, however it is important to be aware of the risks and what to do if you see the capsule.WHAT TO DOIf you see something that could be this material:Stay at least 5 metres away from it. Do not touch it.Do not put it in a bag.Do not put it in your car.Report it immediately by calling 13 DFES (13 33 37).If you have touched the material:Seek immediate medical advice from your local health service or visit a hospital emergency department.Tell the health service or hospital that you think you have touched the radioactive material.

Letter in the Whitehaven News – Coal Mine and Nuclear Dump


This letter was published in the Whitehaven News on Wednesday January 11th 2023 under the heading: Coal Mine vs GDF

The heading sent in was: Coal Mine Boss Compiles Latest Nuclear Dump Plans for Government (who have just approved his coal mine)

Dear Editor,

With the UK average annual temperature topping 10C for first time it should be obvious that industries topping over one million tonnes of CO2 (e) yearly should be curtailed. However there is one industry that has recently taken to calling itself “clean” while emitting way over a million tonnes. This is the UKs growth industry of nuclear waste. From the horses mouth: “Using Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, the total NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) group carbon footprint for 2019/20 is1,046,950 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)”

The NDA go on to justify this by claiming that: “This figure is comparable to other similar UK industries” but they…

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“Abominable Coal Man” Compiles Govnt Nuclear Dump Plans – Nothing to see here?!


The following has been sent off to local and national press in short letter form and as a longer press release (below) – so far there has been zero response – what is it with this cloak of invisibility over the blatant cronyism between the earthquake inducing coal mine and the extinction level high level waste nuclear dump agenda? Have all press had the memo to ignore?

Days after two legal challenges are launched against the Government’s coal mine decision, a Government sponsored report into the costings for a Geological Disposal Facility for high level nuclear wastes goes online compiled by the coal boss.

CEO of West Cumbria Mining, Mark Kirkbride was appointed to the Government Committee of Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) in November 2019 as key advisor on investigation techniques for the Geological Disposal Facility and on costings for construction.

The Government’s coal mine decision in early December was…

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Workington Under Seige from New Nuclear Plans

Where shall we put new nuclear reactors as big as the original Calder Hall ones? The Flood Plain of the River Ehen spitting distance from an earthquake inducing coal mine – Yaaaaay!!


River Ehen and the Irish Sea – this is “Moorside” where pro-nuclear fanatics want to put so-called “small modular reactors” which would actually be bigger than the original Calder Hall reactors –

photo credit – Radiation Free Lakeland – note the sign “Danger Flood Plain – Risk of Drowning” is not a spoof

The Workington area is under seige – already there are several transports weekly of the most dangerous radioactive wastes through the town as admitted in a question to Allerdale Borough Council. The MP for the area though is gushing: Mark Jenkinson MP said: “This announcement today that the ‘NuCell’ SMR will be manufactured at TSP in my constituency is fantastic news.”As a supporter of industry and a strong advocate for new nuclear, I continue to fight hard to support and encourage investment in developments such as this.”We are fortunate to have a strong supply chain for the…

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New Year – New Challenges to Protect our Marine Life (and more!) from UK Govnt Nuclear Dump Plans

New Year, New Challenges to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole and Nuclear Waste Out!


New Year – New Challenges to Protect our Marine Life (and more!) from UK Govnt Nuclear Dump Plans

31 DEC 2022 —

New Year New Challenges to Halt Nuclear Dump Plans of UK Govnt

(photo – Solway Sunset by Alison D)

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who are supporting this campaign. We have had a rollercoaster of a year with battles on so many fronts that sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the big picture which is protection of our land and our sea from further nuclear pollution.

With the big picture in mind we have compiled a Timeline – the next part of this story is up to all of us. It is good to remember that we have many allies and friends who provide invaluable advice, help and support and with that and the power of all our collective elbows we say on behalf of…

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Good King Wenceslas Looked Out On His Shoddy Coal Mine…

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On his shoddy coal mine

Nuclear waste lay all about

Sell-a- field was ma-lign

Brightly shone the waste that night

Tho they want it hid-den

The coal boss said that’s alright

I can dig far de-e-ep-er 

Put your waste in here he said,

The coal mine’s incidental

Nuclear Dumped next door is fine

Tho some will call it Me -n- tal

Tunnel Boring Machines will work

Day and Night for De-cades

Deep Beneath the Irish Sea

Hot Nuclear Waste ap-p-e-e -ars

Come on now and speak the lie

“Nuclear Power is Cle-e—e-an

Deep beneath the Ocean Blue

No sea life to be Se-e-en

Nuclear Waste has bubbled up

Radio-active St-e-eam-ing

Where once was life there now is not

“Clean” has lost its me-e -an-ing

Stop Press – Coal Mine has been approved

Just heard from a reporter at Radio 5 Live that the coal mine has been approved

The focus by NGOs and the press on climate while ignoring the nuclear issues has been shameful – the UK Government have approved their key nuclear dump advisors coal mine. The coal mine would produce more earthquakes than fracking and is just five miles from the worlds most dangerous stockpiles of plutonium.

The silence has been beyond shameful on nuclear issues.