Meet at the Workington Clock Next Saturday 5th January to show Opposition to the West Cumbrian Coal Mine

We hope that more folk will join those already opposing the plan and look forward to seeing you next Saturday 5th Jan from 10.30 till approx 12.30.  If you cannot come along on Saturday please contact me at :    wastwater @ for petition sheets/offers of help.
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(financial help to print leaflets etc would be fab- we are all volunteers.  Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole is a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign so our very limited resources are stretched)

COAL!! BBC & Magical Thinking

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Ashes and Dust

The BBC’s latest Christmas Cracker is to promote the first deep coal mine in the UK in 30 years like there is no tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Radio 4 PM programme treated listeners to the most highly sweetened, sickening concoction of greenwash promoting a coal mine.  The plan for Woodhouse Colliery under the Irish Sea extending over 50 years towards Sellafield  seems to be enjoying the most magical of magical thinking.

It is an enigma wrapped up in coal dust.  Where is George Monbiot?  Where is David Attenborough?   Where is the Extreme Energy Network?  Where are Extinction Rebellion? Where is Everyone?  What is the BBC’s Game?


I was interested to hear the PM broadcast about the proposed first deep coal mine in over 30 years. We heard from the mining developers, the Mayor of Copeland and former miners, all of whom expressed delight with the proposal. There were no dissenting voices. The reporter’s questions were superficial and too easily satisfied by the developers cynical reassurances that the steel would be used for wind turbines. This is nonsense to hoodwink the public, they could just as well have pointed out that the biggest steel structure in the world is nuclear related -over Chernobyl. This bias from PM is shocking given that the West Cumbrian coal mine is the most methane rich in the country. Despite false assurances from the developers on the programme, it proposes to produce middlings, (thermal coal) as well as coking coal, the majority of which is for export. The DEFRA Emission Factors for Company Reporting, 2017 give upstream emissions from coking coal supply as 442kg CO2e per tonne of coal. The mine will extend closer to Sellafield than ever before with the attendant risk of earthquake from such huge abstraction of coal. I expected to hear from at least one of those opposing the mine to point out the cumulative dangers, but the programme ended in a congratulatory tone. This is shocking bias from the BBC given that this is a development which is due to go before Cumbria County Council maybe as soon as February.

Complaint to the BBC Woodhouse Colliery 27,12,18

Rebel Against Double Whammy Extinction Event in Cumbria: Coal & Nuclear

Extinction Rebellion seems to be very much in the news just at present.   Here in Cumbria we have our own terrifyingly real threat of extinction.     Not only is there Sellafield with its deadly collection of nuclear waste – we also have an ongoing planning application for a new coal mine reaching under the sea to within 5 miles of the nightmare nuclear site.

West Cumbria Mining have an active planning application with Cumbria County Council to open the first deep coal mine in 30 years.       Given the urgent need to cut carbon emissions this is total madness.   Given the proximity to Sellafield of mining operations, known to cause earth tremors, the proposal does threaten very real extinction here and now.

As far as we can ascertain from the documents available on the Cumbria County Council’s website there has been no consultation with Sellafield concerning the risks of a major nuclear emergency. Seismic disturbance affecting Sellafield would be a very rapid extinction of all life forms within a very wide radius.   And wherever the wind blows. EXTINCTION IN CAPITAL LETTERS ON A HUGE SCALE.

And then there is the carbon.     West Cumbria Mining [WCM] have a way of describing their proposal as the extraction of metallurgical coking coal for the steel industry – implying that somehow the burning of this fossil fuel is somehow different to burning fossil fuels for energy generation.

Burning coal is burning coal – and WCM plan to extract 2.8 million tonnes of it every year during the lifespan of the proposed mine.  Assuming a 40 year life (following construction), and an average of 2 million tonnes a year, that is a total production of 80 million tonnes!

In terms of the Paris agreement and the current Katowice discussions this application must be stopped.

The WCM application and the many letters of concern and objection can be found at     The Application reference is 4/17/9007

Anyone wishing to comment can write to Rachel Brophy, Senior Planning Officer

The WCM planning application was made in mid 2017. It has been postponed and postponed and postponed by Cumbria’s Planning Committee during all of 2018.   It may, or may not, come to Council early in 2019.

We need to be as vocal and as visible as we can possibly be in opposing this hideous proposal.   It is a very real threat to life on an unimaginable scale far larger than the threat to Guillemots that the RSPB has limited its comments to.

We have with the help of top lawyers Leigh Day ensured that we may still have a chance to stop the plan should Cumbria County Council say yes to this diabolic fossil fuel development.  But lets MAKE SURE CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL SAY A BIG FAT NO!!!



This application may be decided on these dates (tbc)  in the new year by Cumbria County Council’s Development Control and Regulation Committee at County Offices, Kendal

18 Jan 2019 10.00 am

22 Feb 2019 10.00 am

The WCM application and the many letters of concern and objection can be found at     The Application reference is 4/17/9007

Anyone wishing to comment can write to Rachel Brophy, Senior Planning Officer and ask that your letter is sent to all members of the Development Control and Regulation Committee.

Or write to all members of the Development Control and Regulation Committee – their contact details can be found here



RSPB - St Bees Black guillemot

Green Party of Allerdale and Copeland Voice Opposition to Coal Mine


100_3892-e1498058089210.jpgThe more letters from local Green Party organisations and members sent in opposing the Woodhouse Colliery under the Irish Sea the better! The planning meeting is scheduled for November 1st in Kendal

Please Join in the Resistance ….Write, Write, Organise, Object, Resist!

Ms Rachel Brophy
Planning Officer
Cumbria County Council
Economy, Culture and Environment County Offices
Kendal Cumbria LA9 4RQ

Via email only:

29 August 2017

Dear Ms Brophy,

Re Application Ref: 4/17/9007

Allerdale & Copeland Green Party wish to register objection to West Cumbria Mining’s plans to develop a new metallurgical coal mine at the former Marchon industrial site near Woodhouse, Whitehaven.

Our previous lack of object was conditional on a carbon footprint analysis being carried out, and subsequent cogent evidence that the mine provided a net reduction in carbon emissions.

West Cumbria Mining have not carried out a carbon footprint analysis and we don’t have any evidence of any lifecycle analysis being carried out. The company have also released documents that make it clear that they intend to export much of the coal for use in continental Europe and further afield. Their proposal makes only incidental and vague references to the possibility of a reduction in net carbon emissions.
The full planning document currently being considered by Cumbria County Council raises a number of other serious concerns:
• The projected timeframe and quantity of extraction is at odds with the expectations of overarching climate change legislation – namely the Climate Change Act (2008) –
which introduced legally binding targets to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions
by at least 80% by 2050 from 1990 levels, and the Paris Agreement.
• The application speaks of a production lifespan of 20-50 years, and a peak extraction
of 2.8 million tonnes a year. Assuming a 40 year life (following construction), and an average of 2 million tonnes a year, that is a total production of 80 million tonnes, which will emit around 175 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

• The application is in conflict with the approach to considering coal developments in the NPPF. Paragraph 149 of the NPPF states that: “Permission should not be given for the
extraction of coal unless the proposal is environmentally acceptable, or can be made so by planning conditions or obligations; or if not, it provides national, local or community benefits which clearly outweigh the likely impacts to justify the granting of planning permission.”
• The application is incompatible with recent government announcements and consultations on coal phase-out.
• Regulation 22 consultation is required regarding ‘Climatic Factors’ as per the EIA regulations and scoping requirements.
We therefore request that this application be turned down.

Yours sincerely,
Allerdale & Copeland Green Party

Open Invitation to Rally to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole – Bowness tomorrow at 12 noon


one of the banners “Stop Coal, Keep it in the Hole….too near Sellafield”

“At least ∼21% of ML ≥ 1.5 earthquakes between 1970 and 2012 in the UK were anthropogenic.   Since the 1980s the fall in anthropogenic earthquakes was due to the fall in UK coal production.”

Look forward to seeing people tomorrow in Bowness – we will be on the shingle beach (off Glebe rd) – near the kiosks.

Please do bring colourful banners, good cheer and hope that we can stop this strange plan to mine for millions of tonnes of coal so close to Sellafield.  Musicians and music welcome!




Rally 10 Sept @Bowness Bay to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


Please Join us on sunday 10th September to show opposition to the plan for the first new coal mine in the UK for decades.  It is planned off the beautiful coast @St Bees near the worlds biggest nuclear waste dump @Sellafield.  There has been opposition from many organisations pointing out that this is way too near Sellafield.  The risk of seismic activity is just one of the reasons to stop this diabolic plan but it may be the biggest reason – the crumbling infrastructure at Sellafield is dodgy and dangerous enough without literally undermining and inducing siesmic activity  by mining for coal under the Irish Sea bed just a few miles away.

This plan may be going before councillors as soon as the 20th September.  So far it has attracted little vehement criticism by media pundits and it has to be said hardly an eyebrow has been raised in the press.   We have to ask WHY?  We have to raise a banner against this plan and protect our precious Lakes from becoming a World Nuclear Heritage Site courtesy of King Coal.  Please join us at Bowness Bay on Sunday 10th Sept from 12 noon.   Bring banners, bring music, bring yourselves, bring good cheer, bring hope that we can stop this plan in its tracks.

(please print out the banner above and display in your window etc to let people know)