The plan to reopen the Whitehaven coal mine under the Irish Sea has been rumbling along for a few years with no raised eyebrows.  The PR spin for this plan has been astonishingly successful, not only our Government but all the political parties locally (including for a while the Green Party who are now opposing) support the plan.  The spin is that the coal would be processed to coke which is necessary for producing steel for wind turbines.  This is a puerile arugment. The plan is to sell a percentage of the coke onto the open international market, the coal could end up being burnt in power stations or being used for the manufacture of Trident submarines.   There are many reasons to keep Cumbrian coal in the hole not least because the plan is ludicrously close to Sellafield, the proposed mining of coal seams would extend to within 5 miles of Sellafield and even closer to the proposed Moorside site.  We have just five weeks to send in objections to Cumbria County Council. This site has been set up as a focal point to help people object and more info will be posted soon.  In the meantime……

To Find the Planning Documents

You can insert insert application reference 4/17/9007 in Cumbria County Council’s search box  – and then click on the  “Documents” link on the right hand side.

Hard copies of the application can be viewed at our offices in Kendal, at Copeland Borough Council and Whitehaven library.

West Cumbria Mining is also hosting their own copy which is available for inspection at their offices at Haig Colliery.