Send a Tweet to the Wildlife Trusts tell them to “Do Your Bit” to Save our Living Seas from the First Deep Coal Mine in Decades!!

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Tweet

I have just sent a tweet to the Wildlife Trusts …..Wowee- with this public reach @WildlifeTrusts are uniquely placed to #KeepCumbrianCoalintheHole #StBees is the last breeding place in England of the #BlackGuillemot the #IrishSea is under threat Save our #LivingSeas and PLEASE @CraigBennett3 tell @CumbriaCC 2stop @WCumbriaMining….

The Wildlife Trusts feature the Black Guillemot – the same Black Guillemot that is under threat from the plan to mine for coal deep under the Irish Sea.  The damage done by this development would be many layered from climate change to physical damage to the nesting site at St Bees – the only nesting site in England left for the Black Guillemot.

This is what the Wildlife Trusts say:

“Did you know?

The black guillemot is also known as the ‘Tystie’ in the Scottish Isles, which was probably derived from the Norse name for the bird.

How people can help

The Wildlife Trusts are working with fishermen, researchers, politicians and local people towards a Living Seas vision, where coastal and marine wildlife thrives alongside the sustainable use of the ocean’s resources. Do your bit for our Living Seas by supporting your local Wildlife Trust.”

Send a Tweet to the Wildlife Trusts – Now it is the Wildlife Trusts turn to “Do Your Bit”  – and oppose the coal mine plan.  So far there has been silence.


Black Guillemot

Opposition Grows!


Dear Friends,

The Opposition to this Coal mine is GROWING!

Last week there were demonstrations from Cumbria to London. Demonstrations of opposition to the plan to open the first deep coal mine in decades.

Thank you to everyone who is opposing this coal mine whether it is by actively demonstrating opposition, contributing to the crowdfunder for the legal challenge or sharing the information.  It is all important and it all sends out the strong and growing message that this coal mine is totally unacceptable.

Please keep on sharing this crowd justice page and let folk know that we can stop this mine – it is NOT a done deal.

Here are a few links to the growing opposition…

Children should not have to go on hunger strike to stop this mine  ‘It’s a Huge Step Backwards’: Teenagers Hunger Striking to Stop the UK’s Newest Coal Mine By Phoebe Cooke • Wednesday, February 12, 2020 – 09:15

Will a Plate of Mince Pies At WCM tomorrow Substitute for a Plate of Mince Pies Somewhere Else in the World??


Tomorrow the developers of the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades will hold a ‘drop in’  session “for locals”.  Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole have been told that they are not welcome and the developers have long since stopped answering any of my questions.

The day includes free mince pies and tea.  So here is a question for WCM.  If a plate of their mince pies are eaten – will that substitute for a plate of mince pies elsewhere in the world?  ie will a plate of mince pies elsewhere in the world not be eaten because a plate of mince pies has been eaten tomorrow at the developers ‘drop in’ session?  That is the laughable argument the developers made to Cumbria County Council – and the Council bought it!  They bought the line that 3 million tonnes a year of coal a year will not be produced elsewhere because  coal would be mined in Cumbria ( just five miles from Sellafield) .  “Substitution” – its magic!

Other questions of emissions, hydrology, water use, seismic damage, pollution, blight are brushed aside as casually as a crumb from a mince pie.

If you fancy a mince pie then West Cumbria Mining will be delighted to see you as long as you don’t ask any awkward questions…  Wednesday 11th December from 2pm till 6pm  at the Haig Museum offices, Whitehaven

WCM Update .jpg


Support our Legal Fight Against a New Coal Mine in Cumbria


Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole.jpg

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole – demonstration back in 2017


Many groups including KCCH and individuals demonstrating outside Cumbria County Council offices on the day of ratification 31st October 2019

NEW – LEGAL CHALLENGE – We need your help. 

Check out the CrowdJustice page here – we have donated £50 already but- we need £5000 to take forward the Legal Challenge.  If you cannot donate then please do share and get the message out that this fight against the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades is far from over.

Thank you to Lawyers Leigh Day who have already put so much work into paving the way and ensuring a legal challenge is possible.

UPDATE: What a rollercoaster!  Firstly on 31st October we had an amazing demonstration of opposition outside Cumbria County Council offices with many groups and individuals taking part to show the strength of feeling against this coal mine.  This was despite the fact that we only found out last minute by accident about the ‘ratification’ meeting for the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades.  As you will have heard the committee again voted unanimously to pass the plans…shocking!  Then on the same day as the much publicised announcement on the halt to fracking there was a much more subdued announcement that the Secretary of State will not call in Cumbria County Council’s outrageous decision on the coal mine for a public inquiry.

Thank you so much for the donations so many of you have already made for the initial advice from top lawyers Leigh Day.  This has been of such enormous value and has paved the way for a legal challenge so we can continue to fight this terrible plan..

A new crowd justice fundraiser is now live and can be found here.  We now need to up the ante and raise enough funds to cover the costs of a full legal challenge. We can’t do it without your help.  If you can share the page or donate no matter how small the donation then please do.

If this coal mine is not stopped the carbon emissions alone would be likely to result over its lifetime to one full year of UK national emissions.  This is crazy given that the UK government has declared a climate emergency.

Not only would this coal mine produce 9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year (not including methane, radon etc)  but the plan is to extend mining activity under the Irish Sea to within 5 miles of Sellafield.

The results of induced seismic events of any magnitude at the worlds riskiest nuclear waste site could be catastrophic on a planetary scale.

There are so many reasons to oppose this coal mine plan from climate catastrophe to nuclear catastrophe.  That is why we are  campaigning hard to stop the plan.

Please check out the CrowdJustice Page  and PLEASE continue to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole!   All donations made will go direct to the legal challenge!

With Many Thanks!!!


Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole – a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign

Double Whammy – Next Steps

Demo in Whitehaven following the Council's Decision

Dear Friends,

We are just getting over the double whammy of Cumbria County Council ratifying their decision and the announcement by the Secretary of State that he will not call in this outrageous decision for a public inquiry.

This leaves us with the option of a legal challenge to Cumbria County Council’s decision.

We will update you with details of this as soon as possible but in the meantime here is the most recent letter sent to Cumbria County Council from Leigh Day on our behalf.

Many thanks to Leigh Day for all their amazing work on this so far – without it the coal mine would have got an even easier ride to this point.   We WILL stop this coal mine!


Date: 29 October 2019


FAO: Mr Paul Haggin

Manager Development Management
Cumbria County Council

Re: Whitehaven Coal Mine (app. ref. 4/17/9007)

  1. We write again on behalf of our client, Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole (“KCCH”), further to our original letter to you dated 21 June 2019 concerning the Whitehaven Coal Mine planning application (the“Application”) and your holding reply dated 10 July 2019.
  2. Our letter formally requested (on KCCH’s behalf) that the Council’sDevelopment Control and Regulation Committee (the “Committee”)reconsider its resolution of 19 March 2019 to grant planning permission for the Application (the “Resolution”) and have full regard to each of the points in our letter.
  3. In your holding reply, you stated that the Council was in the process of providing a substantive response to each of the points raised in our letter, and promised that once you had completed that response you would ensure that we would receive it forthwith.
  4. It was, therefore, with a great deal of surprise that KCCH discovered by complete chance that the Council had added an agenda item to theCommittee’s meeting on 31 October 2019 to consider an addendum report from the Acting Executive Director of Economy and Infrastructure in relation to the Application (the “Addendum Report”).
  5. The Addendum Report recommends that the Committee ratifies the Resolution. It also purports to respond to each of the points raised in our original letter.
  6. We would like to put on record that KCCH does not consider that adequate notice or time was given to members to prepare a response to the Addendum Report. It is particularly alarming that, despite KCCH having made submissions at the Committee meeting on 19 March 2019, the Council did not notify interested parties of the Committee’sconsideration of the Addendum Report. This is compounded by the extremely short period of time (which would have been no time at all had KCCH not been alerted by total coincidence to the agenda for the Committee’s meeting) available to KCCH to put together a response to the points made in the Addendum Report, especially when the Addendum Report contains fairly high-level assertions about the carbon impact of the proposed development.
    1. Please explain how the Council considers that it has acted fairly in this regard.
    2. We would also call on the Council to provide the substantive response to our original letter it promised. If the Council now does not intend to provide such a response, we kindly ask for an explanation as to why.
    3. Please also note that we do not believe that the Addendum Report adequately addresses any of the points raised in our letter.Representatives of KCCH will make submissions at the Committee’sMeeting (within the very limited time available to prepare) to that effect.

    10.Please reply in advance of the Committee’s Meeting, namely by no later than 5 pm on Wednesday 30 October 2019.


    Yours faithfully,

    Leigh Day



So What Happened?

Here are a few Videos from the Council Meeting on 31st October at which Cumbria County Council voted unanimously to ratify the outrageous plan to mine under the Irish Sea just 5 miles from Sellafield.

A day later, buried under the front page euphoria that fracking is to be halted, the Secretary of State made the announcement that he would not call in the flawed (putting it euphemistically) decision by Cumbria County Council.

Justifying the Unjustifiable. The video shows Cumbria County Council’s reply to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole’s letter written by top lawyers Leigh Day, asking for evidence of the developer’s (and the council’s) “carbon neutral” coal mine claims. The developers also say that 15% of the output from the mine would be “middlings coal” (ie not coking coal) and disingenuously describe this as a “byproduct” when it could be a fossil fuel development in its own right.


“There is no evidence that coal will not be produced elsewhere because this mine has opened.”   “The middlings coal reveals the lie”. “Disingenuous forecasting.” Misleading to suggest this will create jobs over the long term.”  This video shows the Leader of South Lakeland District Council, Giles Archibald making strong objections to the coal mine – all ignored


The moment of unanimous ratification of the Cumbria Coal Mine “Shame on You”  “Disgusting”


Watch this space!

Cumbria County Council Double Down on the “Carbon Neutral,” “Magical Coal Mine.” This battle is far from over!



Today on this cold sharp All Hallows Eve outside the County Offices in Kendal, folk  turned up in their droves to oppose the coal mine.  This was despite the lack of notice given to the public about this ‘ratification’ meeting.   Cumbria County Council took this unusual ‘ratification’ step because of a detailed letter sent to them highlighting flaws in the council’s original report. The letter putting Cumbria County Council ‘on notice’ of legal action was sent by top lawyers Leigh Day on behalf of Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole.  Leigh Day have gone way above and beyond the initial £1500 we crowd funded way back in 2017 when we must had a premonition that this coal mine would prove to be like Terminator – unaccountably difficult to lay to rest.

Shamefully the council again voted to approve this mine, which would be the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades.   Once again the magical thinking was reiterated that this mine would be “carbon neutral” and even make “carbon savings,” despite well reasoned and researched presentations from objectors including the leader of South Lakeland District Council, Giles Archibald who urged the council not to ratify their previous ‘yes’ vote.

This battle is far from over!

There will be video’s from the meeting to follow soon – the presentation by the Leader of South Lakeland District Council is especially worth watching but in the meantime here below is the write up from ITV border.. read full report here

Councillors urged to stop plans for new coal mine in west Cumbria

Credit: PA

Campaigners against plans for a new multi-million pound coal mine in west Cumbria are holding a protest in Kendal.

They’re calling on councillors to reject permission for the scheme that they claim will harm he UK’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

West Cumbria Mining wants to extract coal off the coast of St Bees, with a processing plant on the former Marchon site at Kells.

They say the site would process 2.5m tonnes of coking coal a year for the UK and European steel industry, replacing imports from the US, Canada, Columbia and Russia.

In a meeting held today councillors are looking to “ratify” their original decision to grant permission for the development following a legal challenge.

The authority’s planning panel were asked to look again at the controversial plans “as a matter of prudence”, with a fresh ruling expected to be announced.” data-on-all-screens=”true”>

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The leader of @SouthLakelandDC, Giles Archibald, is urging @CumbriaCC councillors to reject a new coal mine in West Cumbria, arguing that the suggested carbon impact underestimates its affect on .

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Solicitors representing environmental campaigners ‘Keep Cumbria Coal in the Hole’ sent a letter to the council earlier this year.

Responding to claims that the authority has failed to consider greenhouse gasses from any mining operations, planning chiefs have said that the emissions from the site would be “broadly carbon neutral”.

They argue west Cumbria would cut the need to import coking coal from further afield, actually leading to a reduced carbon footprint.

“There is nothing that would warrant a different recommendation or that would put the council’s original decision at significant risk,” the report concludes.

Plans for the new coal mine in West Cumbria were approved in March.
Plans for the new coal mine in West Cumbria were approved in March. Credit: West Coast Mining

Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron presented a petition to the House of Commons calling on the Secretary of State to rule against the plans.

Speaking in the House of Commons Tim said: “I seek to present a petition on behalf of 1,852 residents of Cumbria who oppose the proposed West Cumbrian coal mine, believing that as I do that in the fight to prevent climate catastrophe it is vital that we keep fossil fuels in the ground.

“The petitioners request that the Secretary of State calls in the application for his own determination at the earliest opportunity and that he rule against the opening of the mine.”” data-on-all-screens=”true”>

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Tim Farron


Presented a petition in the House of Commons on behalf of local residents opposing the planned coal mine in Cumbria.

If we’re serious about tackling climate change then we simply must keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Embedded video

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