What a Week!


What a Week!!

Channel 4 skewers the Mayor, the MP and the Council bosses, Elijah gets his visit to the House, and the High Court says that there is a case to answer!

Well done everyone for getting this legal challenge off the starting blocks. Onwards and Upwards!!

Below is Leigh Day’s Press Release … you can also read it direct on their website 


Coal Mine Plan featured on BBC Sunday Politics


The plan gets a little bit of opposition on the BBC ……at the 11th hour!

Well done to Jill Perry who admits that the local Green Party did originally try and love this plan   (which has made our campaign against it doubly difficult)   but Jill made some excellent points about the climate impacts and exposed  some of  the nonsense from WCM that the plan is ‘environmentally sound’

Notable that the Mayor of Copeland and Trudy Harrison were given time to gush their appalling support.