Coal -Lets Do the Time Warp Again???

West Cumbria Mining say “ locals still remember with pride their role in providing valued resources to the rest of the UK and it is this feeling that West Cumbria Mining hopes to bring back to the area through the opening of the new mine”.

Is Cumbria in a time warp where mining and exporting coal is a good thing?  The good old days of coal mining should be forfeit here in Cumbria where the mine’s close proximity to an expanding Sellafield site could send us into a future with no future.   WCM have confirmed that the coal drifts would extend to within 8km of the crumbling Sellafield ponds containing high level nuclear wastes. This is recklessly putting the public at risk and not just Cumbrians.  Lets do the time warp again with radioactive brass knobs on?   No thanks!



RALLY TO KEEP CUMBRIAN COAL IN THE HOLE will be in Bowness on 10th September from midday.  Bring Music, Bring Banners, Bring Yourselves and make a noise to protect Cumbria for all our sakes.

Please join us in a Rally on the 10th September at Bowness bay opposite the Glebe from midday.


More Info on the campaign:

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole will be at the planning meeting at Kendal County Offices (was to be 20th Sept) now scheduled for 1st Nov  at 10am to object to this plan  We encourage others to join us in objecting.

The Development Control and Regulation Committee will be making the decision

People can write to them and cc the council leader Stuart Young

Objections to the plan can be found on the Council website: just type West Cumbria Mining into the search and then click on “documents” on the right.