Final Push on Petition to Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear Installations

New Fossil

Dear Friends,

FINAL PUSH ON THE PETITION to Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear Installations!

We now have over 1000 signatures on this petition and it would be fantastic to raise the roof on this before we hand the petition in with a letter to the Health and Safety Executive.

The letter will outline all the reasons why there should be a halt to the extraction of fossil fuel near nuclear installations such as Springfields in Preston which is near to the PNR frack site.

The plan for the first deep coal mine in the UK in 30 years would be just five miles from Sellafield.

This is madness and will impact on future generations as well as ours.

We have written to the HSE before but so far their response has been to ignore the letters. With your help and even more signatures on the petition we can make sure that our voice is heard, listened to and acted on!

The petition will be handed over in person to the HSE head office on the 19th February so please share, share, share the petition ahead of this date.

In April of last year I sent a letter on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland to the Health and Safety Executive : ( )

*Given the vast uncertainty regarding the classification of nuclear materials at both Sellafield and Springfields (Springfields is the UKs nuclear fuel manufacturer at Preston) at the very least there should be a moratorium on fossil fuel extraction near nuclear sites. nuclear and fossil fuel Map We call for a comprehensive inquiry, which includes the worst-case scenarios that could result from induced seismic activity near nuclear installations. The inquiry should be undertaken honestly and transparently and be fully independent of current government policy*.

There was no reply.

This time they must not ignore us!

A new covering letter to HSE will be handed in with the petition and We will share that with you as soon as possible

Many Thanks