Greenpeace on First Deep Coal Mine in the UK in 30 years

Greenpeace’s Chief Scientist Doug Parr has told us that:

“Greenpeace would be opposed to a new coal mine for the same reason we’re opposed to fracking. We already know that there is too much fossil fuel available than we can afford to burn – here’s the write up of a 2 year old study but still a pretty good one   Therefore we should not be seeking out more.”

This is brilliant to hear but it is not quite what we had in mind which is a direct  statement of opposition (at the least) or a full on campaign to oppose the first deep undersea coal mine in the UK for 30 years.

When, like Oliver, we asked for more from Greenpeace we were knocked back with:

“Unfortunately it is quite unlikely that we will be able to help with this as we only focus on a few issues at a time and as a non-profit organisation we don’t have the resources or capacity to take on everything we would like to.  I wish you the best of luck and I’m sorry we couldn’t have been of more help.”

Mmmmm   how much money and time does it take to write a letter of opposition and send out a press release?

Who has the wherewithal to vehemently oppose the first deep coal mine in the UK for 30 years if not Greenpeace?

Here is a musical interlude from the late great Clifford T Ward “Wish I had the wherewithal..”.