Open Invitation to Rally to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole – Bowness tomorrow at 12 noon


one of the banners “Stop Coal, Keep it in the Hole….too near Sellafield”

“At least ∼21% of ML ≥ 1.5 earthquakes between 1970 and 2012 in the UK were anthropogenic.   Since the 1980s the fall in anthropogenic earthquakes was due to the fall in UK coal production.”

Look forward to seeing people tomorrow in Bowness – we will be on the shingle beach (off Glebe rd) – near the kiosks.

Please do bring colourful banners, good cheer and hope that we can stop this strange plan to mine for millions of tonnes of coal so close to Sellafield.  Musicians and music welcome!




Rally 10 Sept @Bowness Bay to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


Please Join us on sunday 10th September to show opposition to the plan for the first new coal mine in the UK for decades.  It is planned off the beautiful coast @St Bees near the worlds biggest nuclear waste dump @Sellafield.  There has been opposition from many organisations pointing out that this is way too near Sellafield.  The risk of seismic activity is just one of the reasons to stop this diabolic plan but it may be the biggest reason – the crumbling infrastructure at Sellafield is dodgy and dangerous enough without literally undermining and inducing siesmic activity  by mining for coal under the Irish Sea bed just a few miles away.

This plan may be going before councillors as soon as the 20th September.  So far it has attracted little vehement criticism by media pundits and it has to be said hardly an eyebrow has been raised in the press.   We have to ask WHY?  We have to raise a banner against this plan and protect our precious Lakes from becoming a World Nuclear Heritage Site courtesy of King Coal.  Please join us at Bowness Bay on Sunday 10th Sept from 12 noon.   Bring banners, bring music, bring yourselves, bring good cheer, bring hope that we can stop this plan in its tracks.

(please print out the banner above and display in your window etc to let people know)