Missing in Transit: Caesium-138 in Australia – compare and contrast with nonchalance over routine poisoning of Cumbria with cocktail of radioactive crapola.

New Director of West Cumbria Mining Owen Hegarty was Managing Director of Rio Tinto for 25 years. The same Rio Tinto who lost their nuclear waste in Australia. Nuclear and Mining go hand in hand.


Many thanks to Nuclear Free Local Authorities for this – the comparison with the media buzz around the Caesium-138 in Australia and the nonchalance over routine poisoning of Cumbria is startling ….

Press Release from Nuclear Free Local Authorities on the Caesium-138 incident in Australia……..

NFLAs want to discover lessons from Western Australia Caesium-138 incident

Following news that a radioactive Caesium-138 capsule was lost whilst in transit in the deserts of Western Australia, the UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities have written to mining conglomerate Rio Tinto, urging company officials to publish their findings on where fault for the loss lies and to fully recompense state authorities for the cost of the capsule’s recovery.

The Office of Nuclear Regulation is responsible for oversight of operators transporting nuclear materials in the UK; the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s report from October 2022 recorded 69 incidents related to nuclear transport in the reporting period, two…

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