Replies in the Daily Mail to Royal Biographer’s Pro-Coal Mine Gushing

Letters in the Daily Mail Thursday 8th April 2021

The following letters appeared in the Daily Mail following the Royal Biographer, Robert Hardman’s gushing and myopic pro-coal- pro-nuclear article.

One from Cumbria from yours truly and one from a Richard Davies in Lancashire who assumes protestors are “woke” metropolitans rather than the “never been to sleep” Cumbrian nuclear safety campaigners, Radiation Free Lakeland who have been opposing this mine from the outset.

“Locals like me do not want a mine

West Cumbria is far from ‘living contentedly’ with Sellafield’s decades of discharges of radioactive wastes, including into the Irish Sea, under which a coal mine is planned. In 2017 long before any Extinction Rebellion protests, it was local nuclear safety campaigners, many living in Whitehaven, who blew the whistle on the coal mine. We were told to go ‘get a conscience’ by the coal mine boss. The reason not ‘a bat squeak of protest’ can be seen at the site is because every trace of opposition is removed immediately. No dissent is allowed! Are people ‘content’ that the mine boss has been hired by the Government to offer advice on plans for a massive nuclear waste dump under the Irish Sea? Are we happy that the socially important £2.4 million Heritage Lottery Funded Haig Colliery Mining Museum has been bought by the coal mine (for £1).

The coal mine will impact supplies of domestic water drawn from boreholes near Sellafield and will (unless…) deliver a geological disposal facility for hot nuclear waste under the Irish Sea. The ‘heroic’ coal mine is just a story to hide a nuclear nightmare.

Marianne Birkby, Cumbria

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