Cumbria County Council Approves Coal Mine – Again!

After hearing testimony from so many experts and locals opposing the plan from reasons ranging from the loss of ancient woodland, heritage, climate and nuclear impacts – the council have once again approved the plan – with 101 conditions.

This time the Chair and the Vice-Chair voted against the plan the final vote was 12 for – 3 against and 3 abstentions.


There is however a ‘holding notice’ on this decision until the Secretary of State decides whether or not to call the decision in for a public inquiry

One thought on “Cumbria County Council Approves Coal Mine – Again!

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    Cumbrian County Councillors vote once again to allow the first deep coal mine in 30 years under the Irish Sea just 8km from Sellafield and directly below the radioactively contaminated Cumbrian Mud Patch – Sellafield is fully supportive of the plan according to the CEO of West Cumbria Mining, Mark Kirkbride. Shocking!


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