Protests – Well Done!

South Lakeland and Lancaster Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at the Protest yesterday in Kendal
– Stop the Coal Mine!

Well done to South Lakeland Action on Climate Change and XR South Lakes for organising the protest in Kendal yesterday on the day the Council was set to decide the amended planning application.

The Truth is that HUGE Thanks are due to Leigh Day whose amazing legal work on behalf of Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole has ensured this diabolic coal mine plan has gone back to the drawing board (West Cumbria Mining will deny this of course, saying the amendment has nothing to do with our the legal challenge – yeah right!)

The work that Leigh Day have done is to the £value, way in excess of the albeit generous donations to our CrowdJustice fundraiser. The actual value is immeasurable so ….

We Cannot Say it Enough,

Thank You Leigh Day!

With all our elbows to the wheel we can stop this plan.

Please keep taking Action.

PETITION There is an ongoing Petition which will be delivered to Cumbria County Council when they take their decision (October at the soonest!). You can also write to the Council Here

LETTER TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE Robert Jenrick – Also – Please do write to the Secretary of State asking him to call in the planning application — your letter does not need to be long – one of the key points made in our own letter which you can use for inspiration is below, and the full letter is here:

The original selling point of this mine was that it would produce “premium quality” coking coal for steel manufacture.   West Cumbria Mining in attempting to address the challenge from Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole regarding “middlings coal” as a “by-product” have made this proposed development even more absurd by adding a new (and even more polluting) onsite process to render the extracted thermal/middlings coal into coking coal. The relaxing of conditions necessary to facilitate this inclusion of lower grade coal are applied for in this new amended application and detailed in West Cumbria Mining’s Planning Statement R20 – page 51.


WRITE: For the Attention of Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government – Asking him to call in the decision which is to be made by Cumbria County Council (this can be done ahead of the decision – so lets nip any “Yes” vote by Cumbria County Council in the bud)

This is the form to use for your Call In letter to the Secretary of State.

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