Woodhouse Colliery Disaster Must be Stopped – Article in the Independent

Read the Full Article Here 


Article in the Independent – Hot off the press

For a long time now Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole have been saying: What is worse than a new coal mine?  Opening up a new coal mine just five miles from the riskiest nuclear waste site in the world ! (slightly misquoted  but the article nevertheless does a brilliant job of exposing the multiple disasters opening this coal mine would precipitate)

MANY THANKS to Donnachadh McCarthy of The Independent for having the tenacity and determination to get this published..

Here is an extract

“Just imagine if the government turned off all the electricity to all the homes in the UK. All the lights, all the electric heating, all the TVs, washing machines, fridges – everything. Even if they kept them turned off for 20 years, you still would not have saved all of the 420 million tons of carbon emissions emitted by a new planned coal mineover its lifetime.”

and the full article can be read here

Our CrowdJustice Fundraising to take forward the legal challenge with top lawyers Leigh Day can be found here

2 thoughts on “Woodhouse Colliery Disaster Must be Stopped – Article in the Independent

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    BIG thanks to Donnachadh McCarthy​ for getting his article published in the #Independent about the proposed multiple disasters of #WoodhouseColliery #WestCumbriaMining #Sellafield- We CAN stop this. #KeepCumbrianCoalintheHole

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    1. unbridledjoy72

      I have read the article, well done! 👏

      What is really depressing is reading the comments….

      I have no intention to sign up for the Independent but would it be much bother for anyone reading this comment to point out that Sellafield has constant leaks and that tremors would exacerbate that?


      I have a background in geology and mineralogy, the replies to my queries I had from WCM were elusive at best and lies at worst. The machinery they will use to perforate the ground will also cause some random subsidence in the vicinity of the starting points plus sustained vibrations in the rock core.

      @mariannewildart I hope some of you will attend the meeting at WCM with the local population on December 11th, I wish I could but I have a compulsory course to attend to on that day.

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