Walk Tomorrow from Whitehaven to St Bees to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole!

Sellafield and WCM

Tomorrow 28th Oct at 10.30am Campaigners to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole will be gathering outside the Beacon Museum, Whitehaven to walk the challenging 7 miles to St Bees along the Colourful Coast.

“from the St Bees cliffs,  the only place in England where black guillemots nest, you can see the West Cumbria Mining’s test drilling rig, turn to the left and there is Sellafield.  This is a bonkers plan, the only thing worse than opening up a new coal mine, is opening up a new coal mine in close proximity to Sellafield”  Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Campaigners invite others to join them tomorrow – either to stand with banners at the start of the walk to show resistance to West Cumbria Mining’s plan or if people can, please do join us for the whole walk.


Please join us on the 28th October as we Walk to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole.  This is a challenging walk  and weather dependent.  (If the weather is really inclement we will still meet at the Beacon for our photo opportunity!)

Whitehaven coastal walk to St Bees

This is a dramatic cliff-top walk.  We will be meeting at the Beacon Museum (now run by Sellafield) on Whitehaven’s historic 17th-century harbour.  The walk takes in the old Saltom Pit, the Haig Pit and the beautiful Fleswick Bay.

The cliffs of St Bees provide the only nesting site in England for the black guillemot. Although rarely seen, puffins are also believed to nest here.  This area was once teeming with wildlife.  In 2017 that wildlife is now much rarer, with many species being on the red list..what remains is so very important to protect ( not to mention our  fresh water, hydrology would be impacted upon, and health)

Trail: Walking

Grade: Hard  (muddy in parts and some parts near the cliff edge…Carefully, Slowly does it!)

Distance: 7 miles (11km)

Time: 4 hours

We will be meeting at 10.30 am  at the Beacon – we will leave no later than 11am after photos with our banners (foldable ones to put in rucksacks with picnic!)  to ensure we have plenty of time for the walk.  

Look forward to seeing you there

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